About Powtech

About Powtech

Powtech designs and supplies equipment for processes involving the handling of dry and solid materials. We have a solid knowledge and long experience in mixing, screening, weighing, dosing, storage, and in mechanical and pneumatic transportation.


Powtech can offer everything from “know-how” to component sales and turnkey solutions.


We primarily work within the sectors of food, chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical, and agro/feed industry, where there are high demands on both production equipment and hygienic environment.


– Powtech to be a leading company in material handling of solid materials for selected markets. This ensures we have the highest quality of customer service, knowledge and products.

– We meet our customers’ needs in a rational manner, handle, transport and process their raw materials.

– We see a business agreement / relationship as something long term, as a continuous process where both parties feel satisfied.


– Our customers’ desire for high quality and reliability will be the focus of our work, whether it´s whole plants or individual components.

– Through Our selection must we be able to satisfy customers with entire system, individual products or pure design (know how)

– Customer shall choose Powtech because we can offer products at competitive prices, customize complete solutions and to assist with fast delivery times in terms of spare parts.