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Micro dosers - Screw feeders

The descision of choosing a screw feeders or a vibrating feeder depends on the material to be dispensed. Both types are available in different sizes with different capacities. The design is available in black or stainless steel. Complete systems are available that handles recipes by volume or weight dosage for both batch or continuous dosing. Small quantities gives higher accuracy.

Vibration dosers

These vibrating dosers are manufactured in SS1312 or SS2333 and are designed for a fixed flow rate. They can also be supplied with flow control, with a frequency diverter which is controlled manually by a potentiometer or automatically with a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V signal. It can be equipped with a lid on the tray. Vibration doser requires very little maintenance.

Micro doser MBF - DCC

Feeder for volumetric metering of small quantities, 3-30 kg per hour. Accuracy depends on the product, 0.5% accuracy can be achieved. They can be equipped with frequency control and level switches. Execution is available in stainless steel AISI 304. It comes in three models 042, 073 and 114, all provided with actuator.

Micro Feeder MBH

The MBH Micro-batch Feeder for continuous volumetric feeding of powdery or granular
materials consists of a body entirely manufactured from 316 stainless steel or SINT™ engineering polymer, a horizontally mounted rotating blending tool, a feeder screw beneath the blending tool, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, as well as a drive unit.