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Distributors (switching valves) can be used in pneumatic conveying systems for both over- and underpressure. They are available in a variety of designs depending on transport requirements and the product to be transported.
More distributors are also available among the products from Jacob entitled "Piping systems".

Two-way diverter type VDM

The two-way diverting valve type “VDM” is used in the pneumatic conveying lines both in negative
than in positive pressure. It mainly consists of an aluminium alloy body with a rotating slid
of the same material controlled by a pneumatic actuator. End switches are placed into a protective box and an air purge system into the side covers with air regulator is supplied. The valve is equipped with jointpipes of different diameters able to satisfy all the needs of the customer. Also available in completely nickel plated version.

Two-way diverter type VPD

The two-way diverting valve “VPD” is particularly suitable for pneumatic conveying lines with low/average pressure. It is supplied in different sizes and versions in the new models completely manufactured inside. It consists of an aluminium or AISI316 stainless steel and a stainless steel flap which can be operated by hand or electropneumatically by means of a cylinder or an actuator thus
allowing the change of the feeding flow. Its tightness is guaranteed by seals in anti-wear material and in non-toxic white silicone for the food industry. Levers and steel components are protected by a yellow galvanization to avoid a quick deterioration due to environment factors. The “VPD” valve is also suitable in the version with unified flanges according to the UNI PN10 provisions keeping the same features of the standard version.

Distributor PT2VF

The two-way distributor type PT2VF have 1 pc inlet or outlet, and two outside or inlet, depending on which way you choose to install it. The two-way distributor is operated by a pneumatic cylinder with limit switches. The gasket is made of industrial felt with detachable plate for quick and easy gasket replacement.
The distributor is suitable for granules.

Multi-ways diverters

GVF Impianti multi-ways diverters ,series "DS", is right to use in transport in dense phase and dilute phase and it is produced in size from 2"1/2 up to 8" and from two up to 12 output ports.The machine is easy to install both vertical and horizontal installation, and guarantees the passage of the material without creating discontinuity, reducing to the lowest wear and avoiding any loss of load. The mechanical outfit is precise and recordable, the gaskets are interchangeable to guarantee simple and effective maintenance's services. The multi-ways diverters valve, series "DS",guarantees the absence of product's deposit and so the pollution during the transport of the products with different chemical and physical characteristics. Right for the loading of sets of storage bins is supplied complete with revolving gasket on the consignment pipe.

Two-way diverter type VPT

The new two way diverting valve type “VPT” with double pipe is suitable for pneumatic conveying lines with low, medium or high pressure.
It can be used to convey powders or grains even if abrasive and it’s manufactured in the aluminium built version (also nickel plated) or with parts in contact with the product in stainless steel or hardened steel. It’s possible to choose between two different versions, one with static seals for low / average pressure the other with pneumatic seals for high pressure systems both with pneumatic working. Conformity to CE ATEX 94/9/EC (1D inside – 2GD / 3GD outside) available on request.