Continuous Paddle Mixer


The PTP series Paddle Mixer is an innovative design of the conventional Plow Mixer, but it generates gentler mixing (for turbulence sensitive particles) and requires less power consumption.

Besides, the PTP series Paddle Mixer has a better performance when the materials are with liquid and viscous, for example, slurries, this is because the conventional plough mixing element tends to be stick and wrapped by the viscous materials while the new paddle agitator doesn’t.

The main difference between our Mixer and PTS Mixer is the mixing element: PTS Mixer uses the plough shaped element, while PTP Mixer uses the paddle element.

The PTP series Paddle Mixer can be used wherever the Plow Mixer is used, including but not limited to compounding, fine mixing, dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, deaerating, tempering, accelerating chemical or physical reactions, granulating, breaking down agglomerates, etc. It is suited for such difficult processes as mixing trace elements in proportions of up to 1 in 1,000,000 parts.

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